Cars and Moto collection – gallery – Turbo Frutsi 1 – 1-88 gum inserts

Next full serie is Turbo Frutsi 1 – 1-88 – cars and motorcycles – gum inserts/stickers. Check also my Turbo Frutsi 1 – 1-88 stickers for exchange.

Sport vintage collection – gallery – Football Bubblegum – Red gum inserts

Next full serie is Football Bubblegum Red. Check also my Football Bubblegum Red for exchange inserts.

Sport vintage collection – gallery – Cin Cin / CinCin Football 1-70 gum inserts

Next full serie is CinCin Football – gum inserts/wrappers. Check also my Cin Cin Football gum inserts for exchange.

Exchange – Collection – Gallery – Turbo Gums Wrappers and other – new 1000 items for exchange/sale

I have uploaded more than 1000 gum pictures, stickers and wrappers.
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